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Research Cells of EEE Department, SEU

A Department that performs to quest for research, sharing and transformation

1. Ten Research Cells has been created in the department to mobilize the research works of EEE discipline.
2. Cells are formed with 1-4 members of EEE Department. Every Faculty Member must be a member of at least one cell.
3. One Member may join maximum 3 research cells at a time.
4. Each cell must publish at least one paper in a year.
5. Few cells may not produce research publication but may supportthe other cells’ research.

Sl #

Cell Name

Cell Members

Research Areas


Semiconductor Device

Prof. Dr. Engr. Muhibul Haque Bhuyan
Mr. Md. Samiul Islam Sadek

Semiconductor device modeling; numerical device and process simulation of pocket implanted and SOI MOSFETs


Renewable Energy

Mr. Md. Samiul Islam Sadek, Mr. AKM Kamrul Hasan, Mr. Mehedi Azad Shawon, Mr. M. Al Mamun

Renewable/Sustainable Energy, Solar Wind, Biogas etc.


Communication and Networks

Mrs. Anika Aziz, Mr. Md.Samiul Islam Sadek, Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman

Smart Systems, Free Space Optics, Optical Wireless Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Vehicular Ad Hoc Network


Power Electronics

Mr. Abdullah Al Mahfazur Rahman, Mr. M. Al Mamun, Mr. Mehedi Azad Shawon, Mr. AKM Kamrul Hasan

Power Electronics and Control Systems Design using PLC, microcontroller, DSP or FPGA


Biomedical Electronics

Prof. Dr. Engr. Muhibul Haque Bhuyan

Biomedical Electronics, Instrument Design, Biomedical Signal Detection, Analysis and Processing


Power Systems

Mr. Abdullah Al Mahfazur Rahman, Mr. Mehedi Azad Shawon, Mr. AKM Kamrul Hasan

Control of Electric Drives Dynamic behavior of Power Network, Control of FACTS Devices, Sustainable Power
Production and Transportation



Mr. Murad Kabir Nipun, Mr. M. Al Mamun

VLSI Circuits design, VLSI Testing



Mr. Shifat Ahmed

Fluid flow and Numerical method



Mrs. Sazia Afreen

Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry


Embedded System Design

Mr. Mohammed Mahedi Hasan, Mr. Mehedi Azad Shawon

System designing using VHDL/ PLC/ FPGA/ Microcontroller etc.


Signal Processing

Mr. Mohammed Mahedi Hasan

Speech, image and video siqnal processing


Automation and Control

Mr. Mohammed Mahedi Hasan, Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman

Control of under-actuated systems, PLC based control