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Career at EEE

Alumni of EEE department are serving with good reputation and success in many organizations and universities within the country and abroad. The future for graduates from EEE department looks very promising both at home and abroad because there is shortage of quality graduates in the market in the field of power, electronics and communication. Besides, all the areas of the electrical and electronic engineering are growing rapidly and new fascinating disciplines of this subject are being created. Some of the renowned companies where our graduates are employed are as follows:


Telecommunication Sectors:

Power Sectors:

Cable Industries:

Compact Communication Ltd.


SQ Wire and Cable Co. Ltd.

Starlink Engineering Ltd.


Citizen Cables Ltd.

WinTel Ltd.



Summit Communication Ltd.



Robi- Commissioning Project

United Ashuganj Energy Ltd.



Reverie Power and Automation



Hexing Electrical Co. Ltd. 



Electronics Sectors:

Educational Sectors:

Multinational Companies:

Symphony Mobile

Southeast University


Energypac Electronics Ltd.

World University


Electro Electronics Bangladesh

Starlit School of English

British American Tobacco

Instrumentation Engineering Services Ltd

Kyung Hee University, RSK



De Montfort University. UK



Real Estate Sectors:

Media Sectors:

Textile Sectors:

R. P. Construction Pvt. Ltd.

BanglaVision TV

Fame Apparels Ltd.

Rubel Brothers Developers Ltd.

Gaan Bangla TV

L’usine Fashion Ltd


Channel 9

Passion Jeans Ltd



Padma Textile Spinning Mills



Prime Textile Spinning Mills


Medical/ Pharmaceutical Sectors:

Industrial Sectors:


Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.




Sonar Bangla Foundation, BD





Renaissance Group

Career Prospects of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Home and Abroad

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a vast field of engineering study. The specific curriculum of our department prepares the graduates to compete in the diversified high-tech job markets at home and abroad. Electrical and Electronic Engineers specialize in different areas and are responsible for a wide range of engineering and technological job functions, making their occupation one of the largest branches of engineering disciplines. No wonder, there are thousands of job opportunities in the job markets for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Therefore, the graduates of this department can enter into numerous types of job sectors. The following are just a few important areas of job sectors of EEE to mention:
      • Electrical Power Generation Systems
      • Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Companies
      • Electrical Power Generation Systems
      • Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Companies
      • Nuclear Power Stations
      • Solar and other Renewable Power Generation Systems
      • Transformer, Generator, Electrical Motor Manufacturing Companies
      • Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Companies
      • Electrical Cable Manufacturing Companies
      • Educational Product Manufacturing Companies and Suppliers
      • Land Phone Companies
      • Mobile Phone Companies
      • Wireless PSTN Companies
      • Mobile Phone Service Providers
      • Satellite Television Channels
      • Satellite Earth Stations
      • Internet Service Providers, WiMax and WiFi Companies
      • Submarine Cable Companies
      • Fiber Optic Manufacturing and Installation Companies
      • University Teachers
      • Information Technology Sectors
      • Control Systems Equipment Marketing Companies
      • Biomedical Equipment Installation, Operation and Servicing Companies
      • Biomedical Equipment Marketing Companies
      • Pharmaceutical Industries
      • Textile and Spinning Mills
      • Fertilizer Factories
      • Automobile Industries
      • Airport as Ground Engineers
      • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
      • In Air Craft as Flight Engineers
      • Semiconductor Device Fabrication Industries
      • Computer and its Accessories Manufacturing Industries
      • Embedded System Design Companies
      • Electrical and Electronic Process Control Industries
      • Instrumentation Engineers
      • Electronic Products Manufacturing and Assembling Industries
      • Military Services
      • Banking Sectors
      • Real Estate Sectors
      • Consultation Firms