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Research @ Law

The Constitution of the The Legal and Judicial Research Centre

Aims and Objectives :
(a) To provide leadership for academic and legal research as it applies to the profession and academia.
(b) To foster a culture of research and curriculum development towards academic excellence.
(c) To stimulate both the faculty members and students to engage in research activities aimed at making the Centre a research hub for the profession and the country.
(d) To promote legal writing and teaching through training and creating a research friendly environment for all in touch with the Centre.
(e) To strengthen cooperation through link programmes with other national, regional and international research bodies dealing with various social and legal issues.

(a) Law Bulletin: LJRC shall continuously conduct extensive study on the contemporary and emerging social and legal issues around the world and publish a ‘Law Bulletin’ each trimester. The Law Bulletin shall be placed on-line. The old issues shall remain on-line for a year and all older Bulletins shall be saved in archives.
(b) Law Review: LJRC shall publish a ‘Law Review’ on an annual basis. For publishing the ‘Law Review’ there shall be an ‘Editorial Board’ comprising three to five members. The members of this Editorial Board shall be nominated by the Advisory Board in consultation with Chief Patron and Patron. The Editorial Board shall be responsible for screening papers submitted to LJRC, forward them to reviewers for blind review, communicate with prospective author(s) for improvement in his/her/their manuscript, decide on the acceptance or rejection of the submitted manuscripts, and complete necessary functions to publish one issue per year. The number of issues per year may be increased at a later time if the Editorial Board feels that there is sufficient interest, readership, subscribers and contributors for the Journal.
(c) Seminar, Workshop, etc: LJRC and its Members shall engage and participate in analysis of contemporary and emerging controversial/disputed social and legal issues ranging from national to international arena. The Centre shall also organise thematic seminars, symposiums, conferences, and workshops. LJRC will conduct analytical and empirical research on different aspects as to Academia to the Bar and the Bench focussing on the rights based approach of the affected people with a view to legal and institutional reforms.
(d) Training: The Centre shall provide training to students, faculty members and other stakeholders related to the university so that they can engage themselves in wide range of research activities. Further the Centre shall provide research training to the personnel engaged in governmental and non-governmental organisations.
(e) Legal research: LJRC shall independently or collectively seek grants or avail of other opportunities to conduct legal research for different kinds of governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, etc. LJRC shall have the right to accept compensation within the rules of SEU.
(f) Annual Report: LJRC shall publish an annual report summarizing the activities of the Centre every year.