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Moot Court Society
There is a Moot Court Club in the University named SEU Moot Court Club. The purpose of the SEU Moot Club is to hunt the ultimate mooters from among the students of the Department and take effective measures to promote their competency to enhance legal knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development and to face any domestic and international competitions. It is to be noted that SEU Moot Court team became the winner in the 9th Henry Dunant memorial moot court competition, 2013 and represented Bangladesh in the 9th Regional Henry Dunant memorial moot court competition, 2013 at Delhi University with “Best Memorial Award”.

Computer Lab
SEU has different laboratories enriched with modern facilities for conducting practical classes. The University has common computer laboratories for computer practice and free internet browsing for all students. All the laboratories are spacious and air-conditioned. The students of the Law department have several courses on computer applications and software. The students of the department can use computer lab seven days a week from early morning to late evening.

SEU has an open shelved air-conditioned modern library system enriched with text and reference books as well as journals required by the students and faculties for study and research activities. The central library is spacious enough, computerized and connected with internet. The students and teachers can browse it for latest information and development of knowledge. Books in the library are added on annual basis. SEU is generous enough to allocate a big amount of its budget for procurement of books and journals related to business education. The online library system is linked with an international organization named INASP/PERI for browsing and downloading valuable international journal articles. The central library remains open every day except on government holidays. A number of library professionals remain active to serve the readers all the time. The academic departments have their own departmental libraries also.

Multimedia and Overhead Projector support
In modern education system, use of multimedia and overhead projectors have been very popular and effective in taking classes. Southeast University uses multimedia and overhead projectors in classes to facilitate understanding of the topics. Multimedia projectors are freely available to students for regular class presentations, workshops, seminars etc.

Co-Curricular Activity Clubs
Southeast University gives importance to co-curricular activities of the students. For organizing co-curricular activities the university has different clubs such as, Sports Club, Debating Club, Drama Club, Movie Club, Social Development and Environment Club. These clubs play an important role in the physical and intellectual growth of the students.

Medical Support
A Medical Officer is working in SEU. The Medical officer remains available in his office from Saturday to Thursday (2.00PM-5.00PM) excepting Government holiday.

Nexus with many Law Schools from home and abroad.

Seminars, Symposiums & Academic discussions are regular features of the department besides class room activities.

Student’s common room
Law department has a Common Room where students can meet or study together. There are books, magazines and party games. Common Room is the 'sitting room' of the department and as such is kept as available as possible for members of the student community to relax in. The Common Room can also be reserved for an event and is open seven days a week.

Prayer hall
Law department has also a prayer hall. It is fully air conditioned and carpeted.