Admission 2024 of BBA, MBA is going on


1. Library
SEU has an open shelved air-conditioned modern library system enriched with text and reference books as well as journals required by the students and faculties for study and research activities. The central library is spacious enough, computerized and connected with internet. The students and teachers can browse it for latest information and development of knowledge. Books in the library are added on annual basis. SEU is generous enough to allocate a big amount of its budget for procurement of books and journals related to business education. The library system is linked with an international organization named INASP/PERI for browsing and downloading valuable international journal articles. The central library remains open every day except on government holidays. A number of library professionals remain active to serve the readers all the time. The academic departments have their own departmental libraries also.

2. Laboratories
SEU has different laboratories enriched with modern facilities for conducting practical classes. These are Computer Laboratory, Digital Laboratory, Pharmacy Laboratory and ICE Laboratory. Besides, the University has common computer laboratories for computer practice and free internet browsing for all students. All the laboratories are spacious and air-conditioned. The students of the Southeast Business School have several courses on computer applications and software. The students of the SBS use computer lab from early morning to late at night.

3. Multimedia and Overhead Projector support
In modern education system, use of multimedia and overhead projectors has been very popular and effective in taking classes. Southeast University uses multimedia and overhead projectors in classes to facilitate understanding of the topics. Multimedia projectors are freely available to students for regular class presentations, workshops, seminars etc.

4. Student Counseling System
Student counseling is a remarkable feature of Southeast University. The main objective of counseling is to keep the students engaged in studies and co-curricular activities. If any student finds difficulty in studying or in co-curricular activity or in adjustment with other students, he/she is given proper advice and cooperation to overcome his/her problems. The student counselor and the teachers are always friendly with the students. A student of the Southeast Business School can closely interact with BBA and MBA Coordinators. He/she can discuss any matter with them, be it personal or academic. The Dean, SBS, is also available full time to meet with students and parents. Parents are most welcome to consult with the Dean and relevant Program Directors about any problems regarding their ward(s).

5. Accommodation Facility & Heath Care
SEU has arrangement of hostel facilities for female students of the University at a reasonably affordable cost.

6. Center for Business Research
Center for Business Research (CBR) of Southeast University works on business problems for the benefit of business educators, managers, entrepreneurs of the state, semi-state and private enterprises in Bangladesh. To promote business education in Bangladesh CBR publishes a Journal, Manuals, Brochure, and quality textbooks. It also organizes seminars, roundtable discussions and workshops on contemporary business related issues. It arranges exchange of ideas among the teachers on burning issues of business. It also arranges training for the research workers. Pre-budget and post-budget seminars have been organized by CBR on a regular basis for the last few years.

7. WTO Research Centre
On April 18, 2008, the WTO Research Centre (WTORC) was opened in the Southeast Business School. Primary objectives of the centre included sponsoring and initiation of research on trade related issues which are important in Bangladeshi perspective. The centre has been operating with the collaboration of United Nations University of Japan where Prof. Dr. Nobuto Iwata is the head of the WTO Centre there. In opening the Centre, Prof. Iwata visited Southeast University. The centre was formally inaugurated by His Excellency Masayuki Inoe, the Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh. Resident Representative of JICA, Ms. Nobuto Sujuki also took part in the opening ceremony. The centre provides unique opportunities, and it is the first of its kind in any University of Bangladesh to undertake multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research in the area of trade and related issues.

8. Co-Curricular Activity Clubs
Southeast University gives importance to co-curricular activities of the students. For organizing co-curricular activities the university has different clubs such as, Sports Club, Debating Club, Drama Club, Movie Club, Social Development and Environment Club. These clubs play an important role in the physical and intellectual growth of the students.

9.Medical Support
A Medical Officer is working in SEU. The Medical officer remains available in his office from Saturday to Thursday (2.00PM-5.00PM) excepting Government holiday.