Admission 2024 of BBA, MBA is going on

Message of Director, BBA Program

I take this privilege to welcome all the students to the Southeast Business School at Southeast University (SEU). Our mission is to provide higher education in the business discipline to students keeping in view with the challenges of the twenty first century. SEU is imparting education with the tools gained wide application to the process of business decision making because modern problems are very complex. That decision maker's personal experiences, institution, foresightedness alone are no longer adequate to provide, solution to complex business problem. The business sectors have been changing with the need of continually increasing world population. Our students are gaining knowledge of the relevant economic, accounting, management, marketing, financing and environmental tools. They are also trained how to use the statistical and mathematical tools to analyze the solution to the problems such as optimization of output-mix, input combination, profit maximization and identification of best investment projects.

The SEU takes care of students in terms of the best curricula, extra curricula and administrative services. Faculty members of this school are well trained from very good universities both at home and abroad. The new enrollee entered as a raw material and being converted into a finished product through our endeavors for their life awaiting outside the Southeast University

Finally, I again welcome the students expecting to be enrolled in the SEU in the way of selecting the best seat of learning

Prof. Dr. Sheikh Abdur Rahim
Director, BBA Program
Southeast Business School