Admission for Fall 2024 of Master in Development Studies is going on

In continuous quest for quality human resources Southeast University has embarked on launching its Master in Development Studies (MDS) program. The program aims to enhance the skills, competence, confidence and vision of the graduates as development practitioners. The program is thus designed with a multidisciplinary curriculum to meet the needs of the development practitioners and the corporate executives to sharpen and enrich their knowledge base. Unlike several other private universities, SEU has kept the fees at significantly lower levels in order to keep the program within the reach of the most mid-level officials of development organizations of the country. The program envisages graduates who will have the following competencies after completion of the program:

  • Demonstrable level of competence in assisting, collaborating and teaming up with other members in a research project.
  • Conceiving, writing, and presenting research proposals and apply for grants.
  • Ability to understand, explain, and make real contribution to development projects as a team player
  • Ability to take on administrative responsibility in a development organization.

Total Fee Structure
Name of Program Total Credits Tuition / credit Total Tuition Admission fee Students activity fee Insurance Premium Library fee (refundable) Other Charges Total Cost
MDS 39 2000 78,000 10,000 2000 100 1500 2000 93,600