Southeast University Journal of Computing Sciences

There is no deadline for submission of papers to this journal, it is a rolling process. You may submit your paper any time and review process is continuously running.

Guidelines for Authors

Southeast University Journal of Computing Sciences (SEUJCS), published biannually (June and December), is a peer-reviewed open-access journal of the Southeast University.Format of the articles for publication must conform to the guidelines set in the camera-ready manuscript preparation file mostly following the IEEE transaction format of EDS/EDL. However, there are some general guidelines of SEUJCS as follows:

1. The paper must be based on original research and be unpublished and must not be submitted in whole or in part elsewhere. All the papers will undergo the double-blind peer review process.

2. The final copy of the manuscripts should be submitted through email both in .pdf and .docx formats typed in single spaced on letter sized paper having margins 1.0 inch on left, right, top and bottom. Font name: Times New Roman, font size: 10 in the main body, 9 in the abstract, keywords, figure caption, table title, etc., 8 in the table data and texts, reference list, etc. The article should be in two columns format with 0.2 inch gap in between the two columns.

3. The length of the complete article should be maximum 7 pages. Each article should include an abstract of maximum 200 words, keywords (not more than six), introduction, other necessary sections and subsections, results and discussions, conclusions, appendix, acknowledgement, reference list, etc.

4. Reference list should follow the IEEE transactions format of EDS/EDL at the end of the paper. For details of listing the references, please go through the template file of this journal.

5. References must be cited in the text inserting reference number in the square bracket.

6. In the manuscript, abstract should not contain any figure, equation, etc.

7. In the first page of the manuscript, there should be title of the paper (font size: 24, bold in small caps with capitalization of the first letter of the major words), name(s) of the author(s) (font size: 11), and then abstract (font size: 9), keywords (font size: 9), introduction section and next section(s) (font size: 10). Institutional affiliation(s) and email address(es) of the author(s) should be written at the footer of the first page with font size 8.

8. The copyright of the paper is reserved by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh once it is accepted for publication. So, all the authors must sign the e-copyright transfer and consent form and send it through email to [email protected].

9. All correspondence should be made by any one of the authors designated in the paper as the corresponding author, but email will be sent to all authors from the Editor’s office.

10. An acceptance letter may be issued after receiving positive comments from the reviewers.

11. For further details, please visit our website at or contact via email without any hesitation.

Frequency of Publication:

Frequency of publication of this journal will be two per year at the initial stage, but later the frequency may be increased. Now it will be published in the month of January and July every year. The first issue will be numbered as Volume 1, Number 1, June 2021; the second issue will be numbered as Volume 1, Number 2, December 2021 etc.

Multiple Submission and Plagiarism Policy

SEUJCS strictly prohibits authors from submitting plagiarized contents and/or any duplicate submissions (i.e., submitting the same paper to more than one journal at the same time).


All research papers submitted to the SEUJCS for publication must record original work which has not been published previously. It should be noted that extensions with significant contribution on 'published article' will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. However, all the papers will be checked by the professional plagiarism checker software. It is strongly recommended that the similarity index should be a minimum as decided by the Editorial Board. Any alleged cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to the standard policy in relation to the Plagiarism, Infringement of Copyright and Infringement of Moral Rights.

Multiple submissions:

SEUJCS does not permit manuscripts included in its any issue to be simultaneously under review for another conference, journal, or other forms of publication simultaneously. Once a case of multiple submissions has been established, the paper(s) in question will be immediately declined for publication by the SEUJCS followed by appropriate disciplinary action, such as, the authors may be penalized by a few years of ban from submitting any further paper to this journal. Also, any published paper will be retracted from the published issue.

Template File

Please prepare your paper following the Template File downloading it from here and then send it to the journal’s Chief Editor via email address at [email protected].

Information and Guidelines of SEUJCS

Please download SEUJCS Information and Guidelines from this link for your reference.

Copyright Form

After acceptance of your paper, please duly fill-up the Copyright Form after downloading it from here and then send it to the journal’s Chief Editor via email address at [email protected].